Linked Horizon – 最後の巨人 歌詞 ( Lyrics)



何かが欲しくて 伸ばした手は黄昏に染まる
何処かへ行きたくて 駈け出した足で
(Der letzte Titan)


争いを辿り 海を越え

宵闇の地平で 根を張るように

俺達は奴隷じゃねぇ 生まれた時から自由だ
虚勢を張って 虚構を生きる
真実が 現実に 成るまで

口先だけの正義じゃ 届かない
《壁を破壊した者達(俺達)》は 進み続ける!

この残酷な壁の世界 例え何処へ逃げても
落日に追われ羽を捥がれ 夜明けの詩を待ち侘びる

時に愛の名を欺いて 衝撃と絶望を飼い慣らし
ただ悪魔と蔑まれても 同じ樹の下にいたかった

だがこれは幼い感傷 なら受け入れて飲み込め
世界中の森を均したいなら 世界はあの樹をもぎ倒す

人の望みが産んだ遠き痛み 時代を超えて罪は廻る
ただ 最後の巨人は独り叫えた

過去を抱いた夢の中で 出会いと別れを繰り返し廻った
二千年後の君の春は どんな花が咲く

俺達は仲間じゃねえ 生まれた時から独りだ
虚言を吐いて虚構を纏う 進撃を侵撃と為すまで
お前らはモリを出ろ 何度道に迷っても
報われるまで 俺達は進み続ける


The outstretched hand that you want is stained with dusk.
I wanted to go somewhere and ran out in a hurry.
Crush sb.
( Der letzte Titan )

Jumped out like a bow and arrow
A slave who dreams of freedom
Watch a few "hearts"
Turn into a red bird

A road covered with dead bodies
Pursuing disputes and crossing the sea
Just shaking the ground loudly.
Still move on.

It's like taking root in the land at night
Wait for someone-

We are not slaves, we are free from birth.
Live with a bluff.
Until the truth becomes a reality

Try to hold your breath.
Verbal justice alone cannot be achieved.
Those who break the wall (us) keep moving!

This cruel wall world, even if you escape to where.
The setting sun is flapping its wings and anxiously waiting for the poem of dawn.

Sometimes deceive the name of love, tame shock and despair.
I just want to stay under the same tree even if I am looked down upon.

But if this is childish sentimentality, just accept it and swallow it.
If you want to level the forests of the world, the world will cut down that tree.

Beyond the distant painful times born of human desire, sin is spreading.
So ... "The mistake is already ... only me."
Only the last giant cried alone.

Repeated encounters and parting in dreams with the past.
What kind of flowers will bloom in your spring after two thousand years?

We are not partners, we have been alone since birth.
Until the empty talk and imaginary attack is regarded as an attack.
Leave Murray, no matter how many times you get lost.
We will move on until we get the reward.
So this sin should be merciless.

"Then he ... banished the giant from this world."

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